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Periodontal Maintenance Houston, TX

Rendering of teeth and gum cleaning with dental toolsPeriodontal disease is a dental issue where your gums get infected and, when left untreated, can ruin the main support for your natural teeth. The main cause for gum disease is dental plaque, but some people have a genetic disposition for gum disease. Genetics play an important role when it comes to oral health in aged people.

There are a myriad of oral treatments for periodontal issues such as scaling, root planing, laser therapy, regeneration surgery, and pocket reduction surgery. Once you are done with any procedures or therapeutic processes for treating the disease, our Houston dental experts will advise you to pay frequent visits to Frank Dunlap, DDS for proper maintenance check-ups.

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Regular Cleaning vs. Periodontal Maintenance

Regular dental cleaning is a common preventive measure where our professionals remove plaque and tartar deposits on and around the teeth, floss them thoroughly, and polish the teeth. Tartar usually forms below the gumline, and while it can be minimized through regular flossing and brushing, some particles are very obstinate and require more time to remove.

Regular dental cleanings are recommended to all clients who visit our office, especially those without bone loss, infection near the mouth or teeth, or periodontal disease itself. Frequent cleanings are one of the best methods to prevent periodontal disease.

Periodontal cleanings, on the other hand, involve a deeper cleaning into the periodontal ‘pockets’ around teeth. These so-called pockets are areas where the tartar and plaque accumulate under the gums and disrupt tooth health. Usually, these periodontal cleanings take place every 2 to 4 months, depending on the patient’s vulnerability to the disease. Our professionals recommend this procedure so often because detrimental bacteria can invade the gumline quickly; therefore, close monitoring is required.

What Happens During the Process

During these periodontal appointments, our experts remove the plaque that is situated both above and below the soft gumline while your tooth health and gums are checked in detail. Our dental team will monitor the process to make sure the procedure is carried out precisely, and in case of any recurrence, radiographs are taken so that an intervention can be done at the earliest opportunity.

According to dental professionals, radiographs can easily check the severity of bone disease and any signs of infection. The images also pinpoint the areas that might be getting healthier. As dental specialists, we recommend that you set regular maintenance appointments to avoid a resurgence of disease; after all, prevention is better than cure.

Working Together

Our dental expert team works together to give you the best care when it comes to tooth and gum hygiene. Many times, your periodontal procedures will alternate between coming to our office and the specialist who will monitor your oral health both above and below the gumline.

When you visit our team here at Frank Dunlap, DDS, we will focus on providing you with the best service needed for your mouth. You can stop in or call our number (346) 576-4411 today and book a quick consultation to ensure the best possible solutions for all your oral problems.

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