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When someone loses more than one tooth, it is recommended that they get a denture. This procedure involves the placement of a denture, whether complete or partial, in place of the missing teeth. Our Houston dental team at Frank Dunlap, DDS can guide you through it by informing you if you need a denture and how it can help you.

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Types of Dentures

Dentures are usually either partial or complete. Complete dentures are used when a patient loses all of their teeth. It is held in the mouth by forming a seal with the gums, or it could be held in place by attaching it to dental implants that are placed surgically in the patient’s jaw. Partial dentures are used when a patient loses just a few teeth. These are held in the mouth by using rests or clasps that are fitted carefully around the teeth.

Materials Used in Making Dentures

Complete dentures are usually made up of a plastic base and porcelain teeth. Partial dentures are generally made up of a plastic base or a metal framework that supports a specific number of teeth that are to be replaced.

Placement Procedure for a Denture

After a tooth extraction or loss, the tooth socket fills in with gum tissue and bone as a part of the natural healing process. During this eight- to twelve-week healing process, the socket changes shape, and after it acquires a somewhat stable form the denture placement procedure commences.

Impressions of the original gum tissue are taken so the denture can be built according to it. Our experts and the lab technician start making the denture. A total of four to five weeks is required for a permanent denture to be built. In the meantime, a temporary denture is placed in the patient’s mouth. Once completed, the permanent denture will be transferred to the patient’s mouth, and a proper fit will be ensured.

After placement of the permanent denture, complete or partial, a few visits to our dentist are important to make necessary adjustments to the denture, so it fits and aids the patient’s mouth correctly, and to check for signs of infection.

Steps to Follow After a Denture Placement

After getting a denture placement, it is recommended you start with soft and easy-to-chew foods and gradually proceed towards hard and chewy foods, to avoid any damage and to allow the tongue and gums to get used to the denture. Dentures should be removed before sleeping at night, which allows for relaxation of the gum tissue.

How Do You Care for a Denture?

Caring for a denture is extremely important as any damage to the denture can lead to damage to your gums. Place the denture in a container filled with a denture cleaner or clean water after every removal. Never place a denture in warm water as it can lead to the denture wearing out. Clean your denture with soap and water, using a soft brush. Practice a good oral care routine to avoid the development of infections.

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Dentures have proved extremely useful for people affected with tooth loss, as they help gain back normal oral functions and usually last for at least five years (barring any accidental damage). For more information on dentures feel free to contact us, Frank Dunlap, DDS, at (346) 576-4411.

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