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The Benefits Of Using Electric Toothbrushes

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Team at Frank Dunlap
The Benefits Of Using Electric ToothbrushesThere is no doubt that brushing your teeth daily is the footing for good oral sanitation. What if we tell you that an electric toothbrush will do a better job than the manual one? Yes, read on to understand why electric toothbrushes are at par.

A deeper and thorough cleaning sounds amazing, right?

Electric toothbrushes come with a very superior plaque elimination technique. They have a spinning oscillation system that allows for a thorough cleaning. As a matter of fact, the oscillating head cleans your teeth as a dentist would do. Besides plaque removal, it is also able to remove other stains that are on your teeth. They are very rich in technology with features such as pressure detectors that alert you if you are brushing way too hard and timers that can tell how long you have been brushing. The timers will tell whether you have addressed every quadrant of your oral cavity. Another good thing about electric toothbrushes, they ease the work on people who are disabled, as it does most work for them. As a result of the advanced technology, electric toothbrushes have lesser abrasion.

Easy to use

As opposed to an electric toothbrush, the manual, you'll have to put in the work of moving back and forth, up and down on your teeth. While the electric ones, all you need is guiding the toothbrush along the tooth surface and it does all the work. For people with arthritis and other conditions such as carpal tunnel, brushing becomes less painful. It makes brushing for the kids more effective and fun as well. Electric toothbrushes increase your focus when brushing. You tend to concentrate and be intentional throughout the whole experience. We have a team ready to advise you on all matters that pertain to electric toothbrushes and what you need to consider.
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