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Parts of Teeth That Are Affected By Bacteria

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Team at Frank Dunlap
Parts of Teeth That Are Affected By BacteriaIdeally, your mouth harbors millions of microbes, some of which are harmless while other benefits our dental health. The hazardous bacteria are never friendly to our teeth. That's why we have the hard outer covering of our teeth, the enamel, to protect the inner tissues. Bacteria in the mouth depend on the sugars and food particles to feed on and afterward excrete acids as their by-products to our teeth. The acids eat away the enamel exposing the soft tissues to agents of tooth cavities and decaying.

Common Harmful Bacteria

Streptococcus mutans is the most common bacteria in our mouth, specifically on tooth surfaces. The bacteria typically feed on carbohydrates left in the mouth to produce acids responsible for tooth decay and cavity problems.

Porphyromonas gingivitis is another common harmful bacteria linked to periodontal disease complications. However, the disease is not caused by the bacteria solely but by a combination of other bacteria in the mouth.

Parts of the Teeth That Are Affected by Bacteria

The Enamel

When the bacteria in the mouth feed on starch left in the mouth, they excrete acids that erode the enamel exposing the pulp and the dentin. The formation of sticky films over the teeth increases the chances of bacteria invading the enamel, eating it away, and causing tooth decay and cavities.

The Dentin

This part lies just below the enamel and is usually softer than the shiny and hard cover above it. When tooth decay eats up the enamel, it reaches the dentin tissue, which fuels the process faster due to its soothing properties. The tubes in the dentin connect it to the nerve ending, which explains the increased sensitivity of the teeth once tooth decay reaches the dentin tissues.

The Pulp

The pulp is the innermost tissue of your teeth that harbors nerve endings and blood vessels. Severe tooth decay affects this part, causing irritation and swelling of your tooth, leading to sharp and persistent pains.
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