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Dentist Houston, TX
Frank Dunlap, DDS

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

From the moment you walk in the door, we will treat you like family.

"One of the most fortunate unfoldings in my life was finding Dr. Dunlap and his incredible, loving staff. It does not get ANY better than this...EVER (!) and I have had tremendous dental problems, needs and challeges in this area so have used his expertise to the max!!!"
-Joni R.
Houston, TX

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Comprehensive Houston Dental Care at Frank Dunlap, DDS

At Frank Dunlap, DDS, your bright, healthy smile is our top priority. Of course, you'll only smile if you're as happy with our service as you are with our dental treatment. That's why we take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. Not only do we listen to your concerns, but we use gentle, efficient cleaning techniques. We also hire caring, highly trained professionals. Our experienced team of specialists is invested in meeting all of your dental needs; from calming anxieties to teaching good habits, from regular check-ups to sophisticated dental surgery.

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Preventive Dentistry

At Frank Dunlap, DDS, we take exceptional care of your oral health.
View our Preventive Services
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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Frank Dunlap, DDS, we specialize in services aimed at improving your smile.
View our cosmetic Services
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Restorative Dentistry

At Frank Dunlap, DDS, our goal is to prevent dental problems before they occur.
View our Restorative Services
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Dentist Houston TX
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